country cruises /Within reach of Hamburg lie the Hanseatic cities of Bremen, Stade, Lüneburg and Lübeck as well as many other lovely towns with their stately castles, examples being Schloss-Gottorf or Schloss-Schwerin. Such a trip through the countryside is defined by the wonderful landscapes and the many noble houses passed on the way.
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Lübeck (65 km – 70 minutes)
Lübeck is the historical capital of the Hanseatic League and is today regarded as a prototype of a German medieval town. Set aside a whole day for the visit.

Bremen (130 km – 90 minutes)
The marketplace with the Renaissance City Hall, the Norman cathedral and high-gabled houses gives Bremen perhaps the most beautiful city centre in all of Northern Germany. A car tour will take you through the prominent neighborhoods and the fine residential areas of the upper classes. Please note: The modern port of Bremen is situated 70 km to the north at Bremerhaven.

Stade (60 km – 90 minutes)
This now tiny country town was once a mighty competitor to Hamburg. It offers a multitude of Tudor houses circling the old port – a romantic atmosphere if there ever was one. It is situated in the northwestern part of Germany's largest apple-growing area, and its typical decorated farmer houses make it a good spot for a country-crossing tour.

Lüneburg (40 km – 45 minutes)
The old town (Altstadt) of Lüneburg lies above a salt dome, the town's original source of prosperity since the 9th century. Lüneburg is one of the few towns in northern Germany whose historic centre was not destroyed during the Second World War and has today been carefully and lovingly restored.
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Schwerin (130 km – 90 minutes)
The residence of the ducal family of »Mecklenburg-Vorpommern« is regarded as one of the most prominent 19th-century castles in Germany, second only to Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. It is surrounded by a wonderful castle garden. Both the castle and garden can be visited.

Gottorf (140 km – 90 minutes)
This castle was at one time the residence of the Danish Court, which ruled the northernmost provinces of Germany »Schleswig« and »Holstein« up to the year 1864. The four-wing architecture, like the museums and galleries it houses, are of outstanding interest.
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The motto of the Bremer Town Musicians.
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